Amon codes reform consumer digital experience all over the world

AmonCode is a software house that generates and manages Amon codes – dynamic QR codes with their own secret ID. The codes are unique and multi-crypted, therefore uncopyable and uncrackable.

Amon codes are connected with a Marketing Tool we provide: you can easily track every code scan, check a category or a product trend, push clients’ profiling, get notifications and warnings, program promotional marketing campaigns. Oh yes, it’s in real time.



  • Packaging

    How to apply dynamic QR codes and get them compatible with mass printing

  • Food

    Promos, coupons, discounts, cash back and other functions – everything on your package

  • Pharmaceutics

    Thanks to Amon codes online purchases can be safer and simpler

  • Wristbands

    QR codes for kids’ security! A little Pin-Go will make you sure they will never get lost

  • Maintenance

    An innovative solution to manage machinery repair process by identifying every single unit


Amon codes represent one of the most modern and well-known tools in the world of the Internet of Things. Via our dynamic QR codes, products can interact with customers by giving customized information from scan to scan. Access to personal account, info about the exact package a shopper took from the shelf, loyalty programs, discounts and coupons, product’s recall notifications and much more.
It’s not a magic, it’s an AmonCode know-how existing together with digital printing technology.


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