Why creating a newsletter with a QR code in it

It might seem weird such a combo of these two marketing tools, since both usually require to be read by a smartphone. Nonetheless, this trick might be super interesting for your clients. Let’s see why.

Build your newsletter in a creative way

The most recent studies of a consumer behaviour online show that nowadays a client will more likely scroll a page avoiding clicking and would rather perceive a communication through an image than by reading a text. It means that we have always less time to create an engagement (8 seconds, to be precise), so we need to act fast.

Newsletter creation is an art for modern marketing professionals. They study well the design, use appropriate templates, never exaggerate with contrasting colours, know well what to communicate … and they insert QR codes inside their periodic emails, as they’re fun and easily trackable.

create newsletter with qr code mailstyler

What a QR code inside a newsletter can do

There might be a plenty of examples, as everything depends on the scope of your email marketing campaign, on the type of your mailing list, on an occasion and, consequently, on a function you want to give to a QR code.

If you decided to create a newsletter with QR code, you might be willing to:

  • Send a promo code for your most loyal customers,
  • Organize a massive event and speed up the queues by scanning QR codes at the entrance,
  • Use them as double-verification of payment,
  • Reduce download time of your newsletter by inviting your customers to watch a high-quality video behind the code,
  • Show your products through an AR (augmented reality) accessible through a QR code,
  • Invite your client to a rapid mobile payment system.

Bonus: a software to advice

The theory is always beautiful, and here is the practice. Here’s a hint for those who can’t wait to start making elegant and smart newsletters: they call it MailStyler. It’s a super-intuitive desktop software that helps normal people (not only graphic gods) design newsletters without even a need to write an HTML line. The best practice for us was a possibility to add dynamic QR codes and never get confused.