Internet of Things through dynamic QR codes

What is exactly meant by IoT

The IoT, or the Internet of Things, is all about the objects/products that “live a new life” by having a connection to the web and accessing to real-time data. Let us give you an example. Until a few years ago a washing machine was just a washing machine whose degree of evolution consisted of the amount of washing programs inserted, but which required a human presence to operate. Nowadays we can buy “intelligent” washing machines that are capable to activate itselves while we are out of the house, only by having received a command via smartphone. It becomes obvious – the Internet is being integrated more and more in our daily lives.

The mission of Amon codes for IoT

Dynamic QR codes can be one of the best illustrations for the Internet of Things’ concept, and the confirmation derives from the giants as Apple, Google and Samsung that implemented QR scanners among the main functionalities.

Speaking about the practical application of Amon codes, it can easily turn an ordinary pack of cookies into a virtual space rich in additional information (allergens indication, product recall alerts, loyalty programs, personal accounts, contests etc). Every pack with Amon codes applied is “securely connected”: the technology provides with multi-level cryptography algorithms, so that any data will never be cracked or hijacked.


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