CibusTec, October 2016: AmonCode presented a high-functioning QR codes to the packaging world

Parma, 25-28 of October 2016 AmonCode participates in Italian exhibition CibusTec dedicated to packaging technologies.

Simply evolved

The problem of malfunctioning scans is not actual anymore – AmonCode gives life to the new technology of dynamic QR codes, so-called, Amon codes. It is an easy-to-use tool that puts in direct relation the company and a customer: any scan action becomes unique and traceable, links and pages are modifiable, marketing managers can monitor every click and push advertising campaigns. Could you expect this from QR codes?

Costumer’s side

Amon codes are immediately recognizable – there is a cute logo over the code, hence every shopper knows what lies behind. The scan can be done with any QR code reader installed on your smartphone, or even with a Google Chrome application. Once the code is read, a shopper can learn more about this exact packaging everything you decide: serial number, production info, expiry date, ingredients, recipes, personal promos, bonus contest conditions, get notified if the product is damaged and many other functionalities.
Note that: all the information is displayed in his/her own language.

Partners from all over the world

AmonCode is open to new collaborations with converters, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries in order to give every customer a new and fresh utilities when shopping.

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