Food & Beverage

Amon codes are conceived to support food companies during sales, safety and marketing stages.

With a single Amon code every pack on the market will be unique. No more batch, just a single product.

An Amon code on a food wrapper allows tracking the whole production chain and it guarantees the authenticity of raw materials and their origin; in addition to that, it allows moving from the pack, with its limited physical space, to a virtual space, where the contents are dynamic, flexible and potentially infinite. It will be easier than before to provide information about the nutritional data, on allergies, and on specific products characteristics (gluten free, vegan, organic).

In addition, an Amon code secure the authenticity of the product using an identification process. The manufacturer could identify fraud or detect counterfeit products on the market.

Marketing campaigns such as collecting points will be effortless and could be activated at any time, even when the products are already in the distribution chain. The code can be placed on the products via labels, or directly printed on the packaging: if sales flatten out, it’s easy to launch immediately a new promotional campaign.

Encouraging customers to sign-up and to scan the items they bought, AmonCode will gather data about them (e.g.: social network informations, geo locations, sentiment on new products). Customers statistics are updated in real-time, ready for analysis. Every time a code is scanned, stats will be updated and it will be clear how a marketing campaign is performing.

Furthermore, product re-calls may be managed more efficiently:

after a quick scan, AmonCode will display a message to certify the quality of a product, or to ask the immediate return due to a recall program. Also, customers complaints will be handled straight and easily with the product manufacturer, thus avoiding to go through shops or other distributors.

Future won’t be Business-to-Consumer (B2C), but Human-to-Human (H2H). Companies will develop a more direct trusted relationship with their customers. With AmonCode a company can achieve these results today, using the tools we have already developed.